Our Teen$ense Accounts are perfect for our members age 13 - 19!

How to save money every day! 

Savings Account

Your first step on the road to financial freedom.

Learn more about saving: Guide to Saving Compound Interest

Teen Certificates

Gives you a higher interest rate than regular savings because you promise to leave your money in the certificate of deposit for a set amount of time.

Open your certificate of deposit with as little as $100.00. Rates Definition

Online Home Banking

Call us to sign up and you can access your account online. You can also Go Green by receiving your account statement electronically (with e-statements) instead of on paper.

Keep tabs on your account or perform transactions
Quarterly Newsletter Watch for quarterly postcards and check the Teen$ense web page for newsletters. Have fun learning about money. Newsletter
Share Draft Checking Account Once you are 16, you can open a checking account with your parent's signature. No monthly fee, No minimum balance, Free Visa Debit Card
Debit Card A card that accesses your Share Draft (checking) account. It looks like a VISA® credit card, but acts like a check! Every time you use your Debit Card the money is deducted from your checking account. Choose from several Debit Card designs

Are You Ready for A Debit Card?


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